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YAYOI | The Art of Eating Japanese Food

As the new addition to our 1909 Dining Precinct, YAYOI Teishoku Restaurant, settles in on Level 3, now is the perfect time to take a deeper look at the fine art of Japanese food and the Teishoku tradition.

According to YAYOI, Teishoku cuisine is wholesome, satisfying, and healthy comfort food designed to meet the traditional Japanese ideal of a balanced meal. ​

YAYOI Japanese food

Accompanied by miso soup, a main dish of meat or fish with side dishes of vegetables and “tsukemono” pickles. Their most distinctive quality is to offer you the best arrangement of meat, vegetables and fish.

The Produce

yayoi rice

In Japanese cuisine rice is everything, and so, one of YAYOI’s brand commitments is to maintain the quality of their rice. The restaurant uses a carefully selected rice brand called ‘Kinme mai’, which is known for its high-quality taste as well as being highly nutritious.

Imported from Japan as soon as the milling process is complete, the rice is kept fresh, ready to be served! As well as this, the Sukiyaki sauce used in most of the traditional dishes is also imported direct from Japan, made with a secret recipe.

yayoi teishoku

Their delicious salmon is sourced from trusted Tasmanian salmon farmers, and transported directly to the YAYOI factory, so it’s even fresher than the seafood markets!

yayoi food

All of the meat, most importantly, the beef, is also sourced from within Australia. YAYOI’s wagyu are sourced from Queensland through a specialised wagyu supplier. 

With this wonderful blend of Japanese simplicity and Australian produce, YAYOI Teishoku will continue to provide quality, affordable dishes.


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