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Two ways to style your Politix pocket square

There’s a reason Politix loves pocket squares. What other accessory can deliver sartorial style in five seconds flat?

Often an overlooked style tool, a pocket square adds punch and finesse, and is an easy way to add newness to your wardrobe.

Not only for black tie and special occasions, you can rock a pocket square with your everyday suit or smart casual blazer/chino combo.

Simply put, it’s indispensably handsome.


The rule of thumb is that your pocket square should complement your shirt and tie (if you’re wearing one) but not necessarily match exactly.

You can never have too many options with this small yet powerful accessory so play with different colours and patterns when building your pocket square arsenal.

STYLE ONE: The Casual Fold

Think of the casual fold as the easy way to look effortless. A simple puff fold will keep your look laid-back without being sloppy.

How to:

STYLE TWO: The Triangle Fold

A sophisticated, stylish all-rounder that’s easy to master. Opt for the Triangle Fold when in doubt.

How to:


Consider the weather (and your outfit) when choosing the fabric of your pocket square. Warm sunny day? Reach for a linen pocket square. Or if you’re rocking a charcoal suit with a tie? Silk is king.

For more style advice or to shop the look visit Politix, located on Level 2 at Market City.

Images and styling options courtesy of Politix. For more hot tips visit their website here!

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