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Red Ginseng has arrived at Market City

Traditionally, if you wanted to consume ginseng you would have to steam and dry the roots. Fortunately, the Korean Red Ginseng store have used modern technology to create tonics, tablets, extracts, and powder, as well as the classics, to make life easier.

The health benefits of Korean Ginseng are endless, with a wide range of products offering different effects. Containing antioxidants, ginseng is renowned for its anti-inflammatory effects and helps to boost your stamina and support memory functions.

Ginseng in Sydney

Consuming Red Ginseng not only boosts your immunity and metabolism, it also regulates your energy levels, encourages relaxation, and improves your skin and blood circulation.

Where to buy ginseng

Explore the collection of health products, created to support men’s, women’s and children’s health. They offer 6 different types of kids products based on their age group, to help with concentration, energy and their immune system.

Talk to the experts in-store at Korean Red Ginseng on Level 1 (next to IGA).

What is korean red ginseng good for?

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