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Market City官方微信公众号正式上线!_悉尼奥特莱斯购物商场

Market City作为Haymarket及悉尼中央商务区集商业购物、人文景观、旅游目的地为一体的综合性商业城。Market City 作为一个美食和购物,游客和当地华人必到的目的地,提供多元化优质商品满足顾客所有需求。

同时Market City整合了悉尼市内最大的市集Paddy’s Market, 比传统跳蚤市场提供更多的选择, 包括新鲜水果和蔬菜,海鲜,礼品和纪念品,让您充分体验悉尼当地华人生活。全新的美食广场,涵盖中国,泰国,日本和台湾等道地美食,给你味蕾来带全新体验。正宗广式早茶餐厅八乐居也坐落于此,各式点心和海鲜佳肴让你满意而归!

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A little bit about us…

Market City, an outlet shopping centre, is located in Haymarket; the heart of Sydney’s Chinatown. Market City is a food and shopping destination, an absolute must visit destination for tourists and locals alike who are looking for great value and variety.

Market City located on Level 1, 2 and 3 boasts the best food in Chinatown. With an all-new food court and an exciting selection of tasty food options, including Chinese, Thai, Japanese, and Taiwanese, customers are spoiled for choice! Market City is also home to The Eight, a modern Chinese restaurant offering everything from dim sum to live seafood dishes.

Paddy’s Market, on the ground floor is reminiscent of a traditional flea market. With fresh fruit and vegetables, seafood, gifts and souvenirs, there are plenty of opportunities for unique and exotic finds.


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