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Feast like a king this Lunar New Year

Foodies can toast the Year of the Pig at Market City’s newly transformed 1909 Dining Precinct on level 3, tucking into exclusive dishes and banquet menus from a stellar line-up of seven deluxe Asian restaurants including The Eight, Beijing Impressions, Mr Meng Chongqing Gourmet, and more.

Beijing Impression

Date: 11.30am-9.30pm, 4-19 February
Bookings essential: Please call (02) 9188 8945.
Cost per table: Table of 6-8 people $428; Table 6-8 people $588; Table 8-10 people $568; Table 8-10 people $818

Fire up your tastebuds and choose from four special Lunar New Year banquet menus at popular Chinese eatery, Beijing Impression. Diners can tuck into an assortment of dishes curated to encourage good fortune, including sautéed prawns with lemon kung pao style, braised pork with Chinese yam and traditional Beijing sweet pease pudding (wandouhuang).

The Eight Modern Chinese Restaurant

Date and time: 10am-3.30pm and 5.30pm-11pm, 4-19 February
Bookings essential: Please call (02) 9282 9988.
Cost: Table 4-6 people $638; Table 6-8 people $808; Table 10-12 people $1298; Table 10-12 people $1528; Table 10-12 people $2168

Indulge in a decadent variety of authentic regional delicacies at modern Chinese Cantonese style restaurant, The Eight. Feast on symbolic dishes signifying longevity and prosperity, including supreme soup of Lunar New Year, Atlantic salmon sashimi, braised pig tongue with dried oyster, black moss stir-fried e-fu noodles and steamed live fish.

Mr Meng Chongqing Gourmet

Open: 11:30am-9:30pm, 4-5 February
Bookings not available

On Lunar New Year’s Eve and day, diners will be treated to a FREE* dish of delectable Szechwan style dumplings* to encourage good fortune.

The hugely popular Chinese noodle empire boasts a menu promoting strength, prosperity and wealth, including its signature Chongqing spicy noodle with pork ribs, deep-fried spring rolls and mouth-watering crispy pork.

*This is limited to one plate of dumplings (6 per plate) per table and per day with a spend of $10 or more on food must be spent prior to receiving them. Available on the 4th and 5th February 2019 only. While dumplings last.

The Dolar Shop

Open: 11:00am-10:00pm
Bookings essential: Please call (02) 9281 2617

Renowned for their fresh seafood, they are offering Big Eye Ocean Perch which symbolises Prosperity, while their hand-crafted noodles symbolise longevity and happiness. The Dolar Shop’s dumplings are shaped like Chinese gold nuggets which symbolises wealth.


Open: 10am- 10pm
Bookings not available.

Fugetsu toast the Lunar New Year with their ever popular happy hour between 4-7pm with Sapporo beers at $4, or Japanese plum wines or Sake.
Traditionally soba noodles are eaten during Japanese celebrations, as the noodles are long and symbolise a long life. Eating the noodles that Fugetsu have introduced, including Mini Cold Zaru Soba & Kakiage noodles, represent your wish for a continued long life in the new year. It is also very common to find prawns in New Year’s menu. Sometimes they are large and whole, as tempura, or peeled. The scampi or prawn is also said to be for longevity, much like many things found in a New Year’s dish.

You’ll be spoiled for choice at Fugetsu and be tempted with Tempura Udon, Scampi & Prawn Delight, Scampi Sashimi, Scampi Sushi and more….

Kogi Korean BBQ

Open: 11:00am-10:00pm
Bookings essential: Please call (02) 9042 1637

The Lunar New Year celebration, Seollal 설날, is the most celebrated holiday in South Korea. It’s celebrated not only to mark the passage into a new year, but is also a time for families to catch up with each other, pay respect to ancestors and to feast! The New Year’s feast consists of the following dishes which are essential: Jeon (pancakes made of kimchi or seafood), Japchae (Korean glass noodles), and during the new year, they will be offering bulgogi (Korean marinated BBQ beef) which can be eaten any time even breakfast.

Yayoi Japanese Teishoku Restaurant

Open: 11:00am-10:00pm
Bookings not available

The restaurant has extended their Kid’s Meals promotion from January to celebrate the Lunar New Year as special family time of year.

50% off* Kids meal at Yayoi
*Receive 50% off Kids’ Meal at Market City store, see stores for details. Offer ends 19/2/19.

Fish and noodles dishes are always available for celebration with their ever popular Saba Shi-yaki Teishoku and Shima Hokke Shio-yaki Teishoku. For delicious noodle dishes, the Wagyu Sukiyaki Teishoku and Tororo Nabe Teishoku are always a family favourite.

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