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Kogi Korean BBQ is now open

A big Market City welcome to Kogi Korean BBQ! They are the newest addition to our 1909 Dining Precinct and is here to give you the best Korean BBQ experience in Sydney.

‘Kogi’ is the Korean word for ‘meat’ and as expected, the restaurant offers only the best quality fresh meat with cuts of top grade marbled wagyu and the best Galbi (marinated spare ribs) in town.

Unlike a lot of other Korean BBQ restaurants, Kogi stands apart by using hot Australian charcoal to cook the meat at your table. The unique grill plates use the latest technology to cook your food faster, ensuring your meal is barbecued to perfection every time.

kogi korean bbq

Curated by Executive Chef, Hang Jun Chung, who hails from Seoul and has honed his barbecuing skills over the past 35 years, the menu features an array of raw and marinated meats, fresh seafood and seasonal vegetables.

More than 15 premium cuts of wagyu beef and pork grace the menu, such as the signature Galbi marinated beef spare ribs and the marbled wagyu platter, paired with a tempting fusion of side dishes.

kogi wagu

Other hero offerings include Korean favourite, bibimbap, a mouth-watering bowl of steamed mixed rice with sautéed vegetables and meats. The deluxe food selection is complemented by a raft of beverages including local and international beer and wine, plus soft drinks.

Kogi food

Don’t just take our word for it, come in and try the mouth-watering Korean fare at Kogi Korean BBQ for yourself! …And remember, DINE on Level 3, PARK for free!

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