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JIN WU KOON Lion Dance Performance and Roaming Lion Blessing

Lion Dance Performance

Dates: Sat 29th and Sun 30th Jan, 2022
Time: 12pm
Location: Centre Court
Admission: Free Event 

Jin Wu Koon will again grace our centre with their spectacular Lion Dance Performance. See their jaw-dropping skills as they perform their amazing high poles freestyle lion dance. This astonishing performance showcases gravity defying stunts with pole jumps up to 3 meters high and over distances of up to 2 meters.

A truly memorable and unique experience, it continues to draw the masses to Market City year on year.

Roaming Lion Blessing

Dates: Tues 1st Feb, 2022
Time: 12pm
Location: Throughout the centre
Admission: Free Event 

Jin Wu Koon will re-visit with their roaming lion to traditionally bless our Market City retailers. The Lion Dance performers mimic a lion’s gestures and emotions to bring luck, fortune and prosperity to the places where they perform. They will perform their traditional custom of “cai qing” whereby the lion plucks a lettuce containing a red-packet hung above the retailer. The red packet contains money which is a token of appreciation for the lion performers. 

All customers over the age of 12 visiting Market City must wear a mask (unless an exemption applies). Customers are also advised to check-in via the visible QR Codes when visiting our centre, retailers and restaurants. We ask all our customers to take care when visiting Market City by social distancing, sanitising hands and following appropriate health guidelines.

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