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Ice Cube Sweet is now open!

1909 Dining Precinct welcomes the mouth-watering Ice Cube Sweet dessert bar to its stellar lineup of deluxe Asian eateries at Level 3, Market City.

This traditional Taiwanese dessert bar brings authentic flavours and fresh ingredients together to create a menu that is bound to delight even the most experienced sweet tooth.

Decorated with fluorescent lights, fresh white marbled walls, and an adorable Penguin mascot, the bar brings to life the coolness of the South Pole. What better place to devour an icy cold dessert?

Known for their delicious range of desserts made from flavoured snow ice, the bar also offers other delicious dishes like tofu pudding, iced jelly, waffles, and freshly made milk and ice drinks.

Once you’ve chosen your dessert, get ready to go wild with the decadent toppings on offer such as fresh fruit, taro, pearls, jelly, sweet potato and many more.

Ice Cube Sweet sets the scene for the perfect after dinner treat, and with so many sweet combinations to create, you’ll definitely be coming back for more!

Try it for yourself and take advantage of our newest parking offer; Dine on Level 3, Park for free!

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