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Fugetsu Sushi Restaurant is NOW OPEN

Fugetsu is not your typical Japanese restaurant. Its modern aesthetic and food will lead you on a journey through traditional Japanese cuisines with a touch of contemporary flavour that combines sushi train and the Izakaya style.

fugetsu izakaya

It imbues the taste of Izakaya, known as an informal Japanese drinking establishment that serves food to accompany drinks. Fugetsu is the perfect place for a quick bite to eat, after‐ work drinks or a leisurely lunch or dinner. Fugetsu serves Japanese premium wine, imported Sapporo on tap beers, Asahi and hot or cold sake as the perfect accompaniment.

Did you know “Izakaya” entered the English language in 1987. It is a compound word consisting of “i” (to stay) and “sakaya” (sake shop), suggesting that izakaya originated from sake shops that allowed customers to sit on the premises to drink.

fugetsu food

We continue our culinary journey at Market City from farm to plate with Fugetsu delivering stellar options with the best of what Australia and Japan have to offer. Australian wagyu beef takes pride of place on their menu with a side dish of skewers, nigiri sushi with a dash of ginger or Sukiyaki Don. Or why not try the delicious fresh Tasmanian salmon in sashimi or nigiri sushi that is lightly flamed?

fugetsu food

Are you a tuna fan? You can’t go past the Tuna O‐toro. This is the premium cut of the Blue Fin’s belly, famous for their mouth-watering marbled texture and fat content.  Or if you’re feeling adventurous, try their salmon ship scallop as the perfect seafood combination.

fugetsu food

For you to create your own culinary journey, Fugetsu invites you to taste their menu with their Grand Opening offers:

All Day $3.80 sushi plates*

Happy Hours ‐ 3pm to 7pm

50% off Sapporo beer* with food purchase

* $3.80 sushi plates exclude the gold plates. Happy hours offer is Sapporo tap beer with a minimum of 2 plates of food must be purchased to accompany each beer. This is for a limited times only. See Fugetsu for details

Check out their fantastic menu here!

fugetsu menu

fugetsu menu

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