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Fugetsu Japanese Restaurant – A fun experience for kids!

What can my kids eat? Will my kids be willing to try new things? These are questions most parents ask themselves each day. It’s a struggle to get kids to try new and different foods that are also healthy.

Sushi Train

We all know that kids love being able to choose their own food, so at Fugetsu, the sushi train is a great way to keep them entertained!

Children are more likely to explore new foods when they have control over what goes on their plate. The sushi train adds fun to eating by combining the novelty of a revolving sushi restaurant and small colourful plates of food.

Baby rolls are the perfect starter as each roll is bite-size and easy to eat. There are five types to choose from including avocado, cucumber, salmon, cooked tuna and raw tuna.

Don’t forget there’s always the noodle option when eating Japanese food. Kids love the texture and slurpy fun of eating noodles. At Fugetsu you can choose from a bowl of warm udon or ramen soup or cold soba noodles. Japanese cold noodles are oodles of fun as you dip noodles in their special sauce. You can test your chopsticks skills by seeing how high you can do a ‘noodle lift’.

Top dishes

To get you started here are some of the most popular kids dishes at Fugetsu.

🥢 Baby Rolls $3.80

🥢 Wagyu Beef Skewers $8.80

🥢 Pork, Prawn or Vegetable Gyoza $8.80 

🥢 Salmon Nigiri $3.80

🥢 Chicken avocado $3.80

🥢 Karaage Chicken $7.80

🥢 Mini Cold Zaru Soba $5.80

🥢 Wagyu Beef Noodle Soup $15.80

🥢 Sushi Plates on the train are $3.80*

iPad fun

There’s also an iPad ordering system that kids love to get involved with too. Fugetsu is a licensed restaurant, so the mums and dads could unwind too with a glass of Australian and Japanese wine or beer.

You will find Fugetsu Restaurant in our 1909 Dining Precinct on Level 3.

To make sure you don’t miss out, you can call ahead on (02) 9211 6128

*Gold sushi plates and selected items on the sushi train are not $3.80.

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