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Discover Nanyang Tea Club’s new menu!

Nanyang Tea Club has unveiled their brand new menu and are ready to serve up authentic Malaysian cuisine with their own distinct twist on Singapore style food. The menu reflects their rich history and aims to transport customers’ palates to the worldly culture of South East Asia.

Gourmet Laksa

If you’re in the mood to warm up, try the Gourmet Laksa. With premium ingredients include Maryland chicken, King Prawn, Quail Eggs and Japanese Char Siew, this dish will have you slurping your way to another bowl!

Signature Coconut Blue Flower Rice

Arguably, one of the most colourful dishes on the menu is their Signature Coconut Blue Flower Rice. The rice is infused with butterfly-pea flowers to bring out the intense blue colour.

Have your choice of special fried Maryland chicken, Beef Rendang or Curry Chicken served with a range of condiments like sambal onion sauce, shrimp floss, salted egg, poached French beans, pickled carrot and cucumber, prawn cracker and their special spicy chilli paste.

Mixed Vegetables

Pad out your meal with some delicious traditional veggie dishes like french beans with salted egg coating, Sambal Kankung, or Buddha’s Delight – a stew of shiitake, straw and black mushrooms, baby corn, white fungas, jun sang and bak choy flavoured with oyster sauce.

Deep Fried Goodness

Their small eats selection includes some local favourites including Dough Fritters, Satay, deep fried Mantaos with sweet condensed milk, Prawn Paste Chicken and our Malaysian twist on wedges – Salted Egg Wedges.

These deep fried dishes are the perfect sides to take your meal to another level and will transport you to the famed night markets otherwise known as passer malam in Malaysia, one bite at a time.

Jaw dropping desserts

And now for everyone’s favourite part of the meal, dessert!
Nanyang Tea Club has reworked your favourite Western sweets by incorporating Malaysian baking techniques to create one of a kind desserts like Jasmine tea chocolate truffle balls, Rose tea lamingtons, ginger and lemongrass macaroons and more!

Visit Nanyang Tea Club on Level 3 of our 1909 Dining Precinct and take advantage of our Dine on Level 3, Park for free offer!

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