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Celebrate Moon Festival & Golden Week!

Our annual Moon Festival and Golden Week celebrations have begun! Join us as we welcome traditional Chinese performances, authentic moon cake sales, kid’s craft activities and an amazing food offering this September and October.

It’s the perfect reason to get the whole family together and celebrate the most exciting time of year.

Decorations in Centre Court

Thursday 29th August – Thursday 31st October

Visit Market City to see our beautiful Spring inspired hanging banners that surround Jin Wu Koon’s lucky dragon ‘Dai Long’.

Since 2008, Jin Wu Koon’s Dragon, “Dai Long”, has brought fortune and good luck to countless events throughout Sydney. It has been the highlight of Chinese New Year parades, business openings and television featurettes; and has welcomed numerous international and national dignitaries at memorable celebrations, including the Prime Minister and Lord Mayor of Sydney.

“Dai Long” began life in China from a master dragon maker. With hundreds performances under its belt, it has been well worn and has finally reached retirement in 2019. As per traditional customs, it will eventually reach the temple to be burned off to release its spirit to heaven.

IGA Moon Cake Sale

Thursday 29th August – Monday 16th September

Thai Kee IGA are back with their annual Moon Cake Sale taking place in Centre Court until 16th September. You will be spoiled for choice with the huge range of unique moon cake flavours on offer – it will be hard to stop at one!

Did you know that moon cakes are round to symbolise the reunion of a family during the Moon Festival? Today, people present moon cakes to relatives and friends to demonstrate that they wish them a long and happy life. 

Moon Festival is on Friday 13th of September and is celebrated largely by the Chinese and Vietnamese people. Traditionally, the festivities pay homage to the moon, as it is at its roundest and brightest, and celebrates the end of Autumn harvest.

JIN WU KOON Performance

Saturday 5th October, 12pm. Visiting retailers at 1pm

Jin Wu Koon are celebrating their 42nd anniversary with a special performance at Market City on Saturday 5th October. This performance will be attended by media and dignitaries and will include a unique eye dotting ceremony.

In Chinese culture, Lion Dance performers mimic a lion’s gestures and emotions to bring luck, fortune and prosperity to the places where they perform.

Following the traditional Chinese Lion Dance performance at Centre Court, Jin Wu Koon will visit Market City retailers to perform the traditional custom of “cai qing” whereby the lion plucks a lettuce containing a red-packet hung above the retailer. The red packet contains money which is a token of appreciation for the lion performers.

Children’s Crafts

Saturday 28th September – Sunday 13th October,

As school holidays are just around the corner, bring your children along to enjoy our exciting Moon Festival inspired craft area on Level 2. They can colour to their hearts content and won’t want to leave!

Dining Specials

There’s plenty of dining specials to choose from at our 1909 Dining Precinct so why not visit Level 3 and take your pick from our 10 deluxe restaurants and indulge in the soulful tastes of Asia? There’s an abundance of flavours & versatility to satisfy any palette!

#1. Try the delicious Cantonese-style Five kernel(五仁) flavoured mooncakes from The Eight – The Five kernels are “五仁”是指花生(peanut),核桃(walnut seed),瓜子(watermelon seed),杏仁(almond),松子(pine nut).

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